About Us

Flight Examiner Training was set up by Anthony Mollison in 2006 at the invitation of the United Kingdom CAA. The CAA required a Flight Training Organisation to train general aviation professional flight examiners . Flight Examiner Training has since amassed more experience with flight examiner training than any other ATO in Europe and the business continues to build through word of mouth and reputation.
Under new EASA regulations,  Flight Examiner authorizations (‘certificates’) obtained in one EU State are now usable in another with minimum formalities. Flight Examiner Training can now provide flight examiner training for examiners from all over Europe. We are also talking to customers from as far afield as Uganda and the UAE!
Flight Examiner Training takes pride in providing a personal service, with tailored training programmes to suit every examiner’s individual needs.  Contact us for a quote!

Head of Training - Anthony Mollison

Anthony has been a professional  flying instructor for more than 25 years. He has been an FE CPL and CRE/IRR examiner for over 15 years, and an IRE since 2010.
Anthony has a business management background, which has included running in-company training courses and acting as a consultant lecturer.
His recent interests have been in helping to establish RNAV approaches with vertical guidance in the UK (LPV approaches), and examining multi-crew in the Embraer Phenom 100 business jet.
With the examiner courses, Anthony is able to put his knowledge and experience of flying into a more generalised context of developing good presentation, communication and CRM skills.
Anthony is well known in the industry for combining a thorough and in-depth professionalism with the enthusiasm which makes his courses both stimulating and enjoyable. The courses are operated on a lively and interactive basis, with video learning techniques, and test scenarios using FNPT/simulators and aircraft.

Chief Tutor – Carol Cooper

Carol gained her PPL in 1984 and became an instructor at Andrewsfield in 1987.  In 1990 she became a PPL Examiner, then Flight Instructor Examiner in 2001 and more recently FE CPL.
Carol has established a very good reputation for training FE PPL examiners, as well as for training and testing flight instructors.
Carol's has over 20,000  hours of instructing and examining as well as being awarded the AOPA Instructor of the Year in 2007.  Flight Examiner Training are delighted to have her as chief tutor for our Flight Instructor Examiner Courses.